Wallpaper – Small update with a big impact. My Spring sprucing

Dear Diary

Hi friends!!  I have had a little break and did a few small projects at mi casa. It. Was. Time.  I build my cottage 6 years ago and the place is needing a paint refreshing very soon.  Ok, so this post is about wall paper yes? Yes.  My local hardware store had a wallpaper sale and you know me by now,  I love a bargain so I got some rolls and headed straight into the most worked room of the house.  The laundry. My engine room.  The place I go to at 5 am every workday for washing and ironing. EVERY DAY people. So today I want to inspire you how wallpaper is a small update but can have a big impact.  (and it was cheaper than paint πŸ˜‰  

Keep in mind my personal love and style is a European mix of French Provincial and English country. 

Before Wallpaper update

6 Years ago the warm tones of the velvety brown was just what I needed coming from a home with mostly ivory walls…..urgh…  This shade of brown (Stonecrop from Dulux) is a cosy, warm and soothing colour.  I needed a change though.  Especially in this room.  Something whiter, softer, light reflective and airy. OH, and it must be girly.  Is MY engine room remember!! πŸ˜‰  I decided on a tone on tone scheme as in my kitchen.  The play between whites and beige is so much fun and timeless.

The wallpaper that caught my eye had a beautiful soft taupe trailing flower pattern.  Perfect match for my existing  Travetine floor tiles and frappe colour stone bench top.  

I must say, it was not the easiest of jobs ever.  It took me two days.  Two days!!  In my previous posts here and here, it took only a few hours to do big walls, but this tiny room nearly had me beat. That pattern matching was a huge pain not to mention small spaces and awkward walls..

But upwards and onwards they say….. or as I always say… just keep swimming..  no wait that was Dory!

My soak-in soap and cat food is now in gorgeous French glass containers I found at my local French gift shop. Who said soap has to be in its ugly plastic bottle…..

Extra storage…

Every laundry needs lots of storage.  Mine only had a tiny cupboard under the sink…… I bought a beautiful kitchen dresser made in New Zealand and painted it white, distressed it to give more character and it now is a storage for all sorts of stuff, including my array of paints and brushes.

Other than my ironing press on the bench top, the ironing board hangs off the cutest little bee hook. 

Every laundry needs a soak-in tub.  Especially this family who all rides dirt bikes and the gear needs lots of soaking.  The door next to sink was placed there for a reason.  It’s the access to our garage, and the perfect place for boys working on their bikes to wash dirty hands.  (my white towel is of limits though πŸ˜‰  

This little shelf is a wonderful DIY project.  I used 2 bookends as shelf brackets and an old scaffold scrap wood found in a skip bin, brushed it with white paint and voila…..beautiful rustic shelf that now holds my iron (in basket) and other sentimental treasures.

Ok, so where’s the after pic you ask?   Ok fine, I probably teased enough… but first the before again.

After the wallpaper update

I achieved the light, airy and girly look I wanted, even if my son doesn’t agree.   He is not working there…I am πŸ™‚

This angle is from the hallway door.

Don’t you agree that the wallpaper was a small update but had a big impact?  I love it, and will happily wash and iron here for another few years or until my style evolves.  You never know with decorators!

Well friends, that’s my laundry.  I hope you enjoyed this post and next time I will show you the little wallpaper updating I did in my studio.  First I need to clear it from all my client purchases so I can take some photos!  Have a blessed and fun DIY week!






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    Love your laundy! I can sleep there

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