TV room makeover – a rug to the rescue!

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A simple change with a rug in a room makeover can mean the difference between quiet and calm or lively and upbeat, or edgy and urban.  Yes it’s that big of a deal!  If you have been wondering if a rug change will make a difference to your next room makeover, then this post is for you.

I forgot to take a before picture of this room friends, my apologies.  The changes in this room was only going to be paint, blinds and a few decorative add-ons, so it totally slipped my mind to do a before shot.  I have one of the previous owners that will give you an idea though.

Before the Before… 

As you can see, grey painted walls and wooden blinds, teamed with a lot of hardwood doors and frames, make this tv room feel heavy and dated.  I had the client’s place painted in crisp white as with the kitchen, lounge and foyer.

Tv Room makeover, before


New white roller blinds to control glare and heat looks so crisp and modern, teamed with freshly painted walls, doors and trim…. What a difference a little paint makes.  But in this room, it’s all about that rug!  We sourced the rug from Potterybarn.  I wanted this space to be rich in colour, and wanted it on ground level.

Tv room makeover  

The rug tones so well with the hardwood floors, and makes the very dark leather sofa come alive, and feel more cosy….not so overly masculine.  The vibrant colours gives a sence of fun, and relaxation but also feel sofisticated at the same time.  I teamed it with some fun, textured pillows and recovered an antique ottoman of the client to match.  Her old dresser was re-used, mirror hung correctly and dressed with heavy pottery vases in accent colours found in the rug.

A rustic round table found its way home from a local supplier, and is not only beautiful but functional for that evening hot chocolate, not to mention space-saving for a smaller sized room.  The kids still have space to spread out on the floor on the new comfy rug.

I moved some of their artwork around that I found in other rooms, and styled the tv cabinet with a few personal knickknacks like photo frames and her favourite succulents. The white doors and frames makes the room feel bigger and uncluttered, allowing her other beautiful things to shine.

Never be afraid of colour friends, treat it with care, but do add it to your palette!

I hope you enjoyed walking through this Tv room makeover and that your next rug purchase will be adventurous and daring!  

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