Transitional living room make over

Transitional living room make over – Reveal time!

Dear Diary reader,

I can finally show you the Transitional living room makeover I’ve been talking about for a while.  If you remember last time I only showed you the fire-place make over.  Well, today you see it all. Time for that Transitional living room make over reveal!

Let me first remind you how it looked when my clients viewed the property with all the previous owner’s furnishings.

Obviously the colours were kind of working in the old scheme, but did nothing for the new owners furnishings.   Here a pic from the other side…..

This is a long rectangular room, and really needs to be zoned in different sections to make it more cosy.  First thing on my list to change immediately was the wall colours, including all the dark wood door frames and doors.  This made the house feel very dated, and needed a clean, crisp, modern feel.  Second on the list LIGHTING!! None of the overhead lights were placed correct, odd off-centred and ugly…..but alas, I am getting ahead of myself.  Last time I showed you a sneak pic of what I started off with… let me again show that again to refresh your memory..

fireplace revamp- changing the look and feel

They had two very big leather sofas dominating a large area of the room, but not big enough to fit and feel cosy.  The little round table; was a place where they played cards as a family, and originally sat in the left corner behind the sofa…..  That made the room feel very “heavy on the one side”.  I moved the table over to the fireplace wall, a far better sized area, and balancing the heavy leather sofas.  The rug, coffee table, sofa console and teal accessories were staying as they added colour and worked with her artwork.  After the lights were relocated, I had a local craftsman make a new mantle piece in the same wood as the existing furniture.    The fireplace was tiled, and room painted in a crisp white. – Remember this stunner I showed you last time?

fireplace revamp- changing the look and feel

The card playing zone got the big statement piece original artwork, and I used a matching pendant to the main light, hung it low over the table for ambience and obviously a bit of wow factor for this corner.

On the other side of the fireplace a new wine cart was sourced, and decorated to suit.  We found some fabulous art in their stair storage room, and this one really just compliments this space so beautifully.

Silver and gold is beautiful together, especially you repeat it for fabulous rhythm.

The space behind the sofa had a little console table and mirror.  It really suited the space, so I left it there.  Some inherited pieces from her mom got centre stage and really is just ornamental.  The mirror reflects light back into the room and gives a bit of visual weight on this side of the fire-place.

Ok, we were getting real exited as the room really started to look great. I added an abstract canvas to repeat the teal and golds. How fantastic is that main pendant???!!!  I sourced it from the States by the way…. (Remember I told you the gold fire-place screen and metal wall art was going to be balanced with other gold elements…..and it all started with the antique lamps on the console table.)  A few new scatter cushions to repeat colours in the existing rug, plus a warm taupe throw to offset the bright teal throw, and tone it down a bit.  The secret my friends….is LAYERING!

Here’s the full wall of the other side……my gorgeous fireplace/ focal wall. Huge transformation don’t you agree?  But were not done yet…..Those windows needed  a bit of love……

Let’s add a bit of glamour on the windows to give a beautiful finished look, homely and cosy yet so sophisticated. –  Oh that’s more like it! 🙂

Lets take a closer look at some details making this space feel luxurious…(I sourced most locally)

A beautiful gold tray with evening drinks waiting.

Lush silk drapes finished in one of my favourite goblet style headings on a deep bronze coloured rod.  They are stationary curtains, as functionally, the blinds give enough privacy. ( a 5.5m window full of curtains would be very overwhelming…)

Layered cushions, colours, textures results in a rich, warm and cosy feel.

Some greenery for colour…paired with a little bling.

My client is an avid cook, so I displayed one of her favourite books, not mentioning how absolutely beautiful that book is… deserved to be staged somewhere!

As always with my makeovers, a reminder of the before….eek

fireplace revamp- changing the look and feel

and the AFTER…..HECK YES!

A special thanks to my client Sue… so trusting and compliant with all my ideas ….you are fabulous!

Well I hope you enjoyed this Transitional living room make over reveal!  I’ll walk you through some of the other rooms next time!  Thanks for reading friends..;-)





Article by Teresa

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