Teen Bedroom makeover

Teen room makeover – The details

Dear Diary readers,

Hey there! First things first….. a little announcement!  I have been constantly told by husband and son, friends and clients to get on YouTube with some tutorials and reveals…… And for a long time I have just not had the courage…. but finally I gave in and thought, “stuff this, we only live once, and I at least need to give it a go”… as we say in Australia!… so friends, my YouTube channel will get more videos soon and I have uploaded two already! (said shaking in my boots 😉 )

So let tell more of the story of the first video.  A teen girl room makeover….. and giving more details than what I could in the video.  But please go watch the video too!

The room is a usual teen room.  🙂


As you can see, there is lots of stuff…. teen stuff.  Favourite photos with dear friends scattered everywhere.

The odd container for makeup….Teen girls need that you know 😉

and a place to keep books…. for all that studying that also happens in the bedroom.

Then there’s the sentimental items….

quirky and dreamy pictures found in magazines, jut taped to the wall…..Yes, been there done that back in the day in my own teen room…hahaha!

She was keen for a change however, seeing the rest of the house being transformed and the impact it had on everyone…. So I helped with a budget friendly makeover.

Inexpensive treasures found at my local department store will transform this teen room into a unclutered, modern and cosy space.

Beautiful pin boxes for all the photos and knickknacks all teens love…

Gold metals for a little glamour, and functional to accommodate a succulent love she has.

….a sturdy, heavy-duty fabric for a daybed headboard.

The Transformation….

Let me remind you, it is a budget friendly makeover ok?  No painting walls, changing curtains or blinds, or removing any furniture…..The near new duvet cover was staying too.  I did however add a little extra cupboard from Ikea for extra storage, and to balance the bookcase that I moved to the study zone. Her own sentimental art was re-used, only placed in inexpensive frames. 


The fairy lights stayed, I just restructured them and hung them on decorative hooks, sectioned above bed nook only. When I say budget friendly…. I mean it. The gold print…..$7 people, $7!

The lamp, throw blanket, pillows and photo pin boxes all under $20 ea.  I swapped the dresser and bookcase for better flow and balance.  You will not believe how much bigger a room can look with just correct furniture placement!

Adding strong blacks gives a modern feel, and fantastic pop of colour against the crisp white wall.  Storage systems are so versatile…. here I have used a peg board type to organise her jewellery, decor items and photo treasures. 

Near the mirror, she now has pretty gold containers for her make up and I layered the dresser with more colour coordinated photo frames with photos and random pretty pics that she loves.  Notice how I repeat gold elements for rhythm?  

Her beloved magazine cutouts now proudly have a space of their own and floating in glass frames for extra impact.

Her favourite hang-out spot however, is on this gorgeous daybed I created.  (I have a video tutorial if you want to make your own!)  The daybed now zones the sleeping area and hides messy desks from eye view.

And yes, small details are important even for a teen room!!

With the extra storage in the study nook, I now have a little more space on the bookcase to style her other favourite things but still mingled with books off course.  Textural baskets are great little decorative storage containers!

Think out the box when you are short on funds….. I used tea light holders to hide the ugly glass jars with her beloved succulents. Cheap as chips people…..great style and function does not have to be expensive!

And for a little sparkle in the window, these terrariums not only looks fantastic with plants in, but gave me an opportunity to repeat shapes like triangles and sickles in her room.

This teen is over the moon with her room. It still is a reflection of her and her interests, it still looks like a teen room full of young and urban style but only structured and harmonious.

Let me know how you are going to use inexpensive items to create stunning spaces in your home!

Till next time friends!



Article by Teresa

Australian Interior Designer / Decorator & Photographer. I share my style, my creativity and love for all things decor.

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