Teen girl bedroom makeover on a tiny budget

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yes we all have tiny budgets most of the time these days, but it surely should’nt stop you from doing updates, makeovers or decorating at all.  Where there’s a will there’s a way…ALWAYS! Today I will show you how I did a teen girl bedroom make over on a tiny budget and hopefully give you some great ideas to your own makeovers on small budgets.

Lets first see what I had to work with….and yes…its a messy teenager’s room….(please excuse the poor phone pic!)

Looking past the clothes and abundance of beauty products and makeup everywhere 😉 we have mauvy-pink walls, a little crystal chandelier, black and grey organza drapes and her current bed set.  Out of all this, she wanted to keep the wall painting as her daughter loves it, preferably the wall colour as they were newly painted but a little too pink… , her bed (they would love a change but budget wont allow for a complete new set) and if at all possible the new organza drapes.  Since the dresser was old and wonky, I decided that it had to go, and relocated the modern drawer bedside tables inside her wardrobe for underwear storage.  I instructed her to paint one wall in modern stripes, breaking the heavy pink and giving the black and silver drapes some grounding and balance. You only need sample pots of paint for a small job like this…

I also instructed her to purchase cheap under bed storage for shoes, books, board games and seasonal clothing like jumpers ect….anything that would free up closet space.  This teen was in desperate need of storage!  The bed couldn’t be moved to another wall as the room was just to small.  She loves her wall map, so I moved it behind the door, making space for new art to match the oil painting.

The dresser storage was replaced with a bookcase I found on Gumtree (Craigslist) and painted black to keep with the modern theme and cheap grass baskets to store all those beauty products!  It will also hold her favourite books, photos and other meaningful knickknacks.  I found a matching clothes hamper to help keep the room tidy.  Pretty hat boxes sit on top of the bookcase, providing even more storage and visual interest…..its a girly room after all! 😉

    Hunting on Gumtree again, I found the cutest girlish silver bedside tables for a few pennies and relocated old lampshades to hang from the ceiling.  To hide the cord, a simple fabric sleeve was made and treaded through, hung on ceiling hooks and the cord concealed behind the curtains.  From Red Dot (the dollar store), I got a strip of feathers and gave those lampshades some pizzazz! Hanging shades from the ceiling, opened up desperately needed bedside real estate!

To compliment the oil painting she loved, I again turned to Gumtree and hunted for something girly with the same pinks, oranges and golds. I found this beautiful painting form a couple moving to the UK for only $30! Adding a pop of other colours not only gives you more to work with but adds interest and richness to a room that can easily become very bland and boring using only 3 colours as here….mauve, black and silver.  The little street scene painting gave me a great spring bord to introduce hot pink, golds and peaches…..YES they all work wonderfully together! 🙂

Next on my Gumtree list was something to replace her dresser/ makeup area.  I found a little wrought iron half moon table and coffee table without a glass top for $20 and instructed her to paint them gloss black.  I made a little bed-end bench from the coffee table, by covering the top with foam and velvet, tuffting some diamante buttons for extra girly bling!

Above the half-moon table a gorgeous gold mirror ($40 bargain!!) to reflect light and the other painting on the opposite wall.  You see both artwork at the same time when entering the room!  Left over feathers just draped over the mirror to complete the dressing table look.

The glass vases and butterfly lamp – another Gumtree find of only $40 for both…..yes people, I can safely say I think I am the Gumtree Queen!!

To make the dressing table even more user-friendly, I got $2 glass jars from Red Dot (Australian version of the dollar store) and used it to store make up essentials like cotton wool and ear buds.

Our local fabric store always has a sale table with fabrics for $2 and $4/ meter… I was lucky that day, as I found all the curtain fabric, cushion fabrics and headboard fabrics on that table, totalling only $92! whoa…..yes real bargain! It is possible people!  The valance in a wavy stripe that pulled all the other stripes together with an added deep mauve colour for rhythm.

Dress fabrics make stunnig cushion covers as they don’t have to be so hard-wearing as curtains, headboards ect.  I used a combination of velvets, silks and sequince fabrics for fun.

Ok already, I can hear you say, so what did you do with the bed!!??…..I left the good part for last.  The wrought iron bed was such an eyesore, as you could see everything under the bed and it was so low…..making the room seem even smaller.  I wanted the bed to take presence of the room and compliment the high narrow bedside tables. A boxed headboard was my answer to this problem.

Voila!! – big difference don’t you think?!

Its a simple box, covered and slides over the top of the original bed…. with a bed skirt covering the sides of the bed off course!

“Stretching” the window using the curtains to hang wall to wall and from ceiling made the room appear much bigger.

I finished the bed head and base with a double row of silver nail-head trim to give a tailored look….even Moromu the cat loved the bed!

Teen girl bedroom makeover

So let me again just remind you what we did for a few pennies, a bit of time and a little effort……

From this…..

to this!….

So get hunting for treasures at garage sales, thrift stores and second-hand online stores….you will be amazed at how much you can do with very little money.  Next time I will show you how to make a boxed headboard on another project that I wanted to hide the old bed.

Happy hunting and thrifting!



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