Styling an office

Styling an office – how to reclaim your workspace for success!

Dear Diary,

This is part 2 of my segment of how to fall back in love with your home.  As you might remember from my last post, that life sometimes gets in the way, and we also lose our way in our homes.  It becomes cluttered, style-less and sometimes you feel it’s just darn ugly.  NOT ALWAYS TRUE!  With a little effort and bargain hunting, you can reclaim your workspace and make it pretty as well as functional.  Lets see how styling an office can be done with very little.  This is the quickest makeover yet!


There is already built-in work space and storage cupboards but somehow the office has become the dumping ground for everyone’s stuff as it’s the first room as you enter this home.  My client works from home and honestly, I take my hat of to someone working here…… hahaha.  The table is used for meetings with clients discussing building plans ect so it’s a vital part of the work flow.


It must be so difficult clearing out the space and table before meeting with someone and in the last months leading up to styling the office, there wasn’t much meetings happening.   (The piano is a temporary thing as they are only storing it for a friend….)  

The basics are there, and very, very usable.

As this is the man’s office of this home, I wanted to keep with the strong black influence that the foyer and dainty study has, plus black is such a great offset colour against the yellowish toned wood.  The boardroom chairs were obviously recovered in black for a strong statement and I added some silver accents such as a reading lamp, picture frames and vase to add a little sparkle to the space.

After:  Hello gorgeous…..

Succulents adds a little colour on the table and is easily removed when building plans are used in a meeting. It’s not to feminine and easy to care for.

The black and white artwork emphasises the monochromatic scheme.

Get a little personal…. Use some photographs of your kids in your office.  It makes it look less stark and adds a little softness to a very masculine space.  The office is now functioning well, even with the ugly printer and filling system in eye-view.  Create balance with other elements like the soft glow of a desk lamp, some personal stuff like photos, or as in this case a beautiful boat that is an heirloom.

Now this is a space for success, don’t you agree friends?  I hope you enjoyed this small segment and inspires you to go de-clutter!

Till next time


Article by Teresa

Australian Interior Designer / Decorator & Photographer. I share my style, my creativity and love for all things decor.

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