Revamp a wall canvas

Wall canvas revamp- DIY way to give your wall canvas elegance and style

Dear Diary readers,

Hey there!  Today I share a quick tutorial to revamp a canvas.  It’s so easy to get inexpensive art these days; every store has them and I agree, some are really cheap and nasty, others not so much but lack a little zing.  This little canvas is one of such not so shabby ones, but needs a bit more.

I am currently working on revamping a guest bedroom on a small budget and this is one trick to get a polished look without spending thousands for wall art. Enter the wall canvas….

My solution….

A quick DIY frame with supplies from your local hardware store.  I used this pre-primed pine strips that’s a teensy bit wider than the wall canvas, just to have a little more dimension once added.  Notice the rounded edge. You can use a square edge if you wanted, it will look just as great.  (oh, and please excuse the phone pics….I was lazy to get the big camera 😉  )

Cut them to size using a fine tooth saw (I used a metal saw) and a little mitre box.

3 simple steps to revamp a wall canvas…

*glue them onto wall canvas with your hot glue gun…

*fill any gaps with paintable gap filler

*Paint it gold and …..done….booyah baby!

Isn’t that much better? It feels so much more polished and stylish.  This wall canvas has now gone up a level people. 🙂

Yes…..much better!  Now the gold frame will also add rhythm to the other gold elements I am using in the room.

This wall canvas has much more zing don’t you agree friends?  A fun and easy revamp of a wall canvas anyone can do!

I will share this room as soon as I am done.  Hoping your week is a creatively busy one! 

Oh, and show us your revamp of a wall canvas….was this tip helpful?  Please do share!

till next time


Article by Teresa

Australian Interior Designer / Decorator & Photographer. I share my style, my creativity and love for all things decor.

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