Recovering a little footstool – DIY video

Dear Diary,

Whilst preparing another headboard tutorial that is taking so long due to all the images, I thought to quickly share a short video tutorial on recovering a little footstool ( you might have aleady seen it on my facebook page a few weeks ago). This little footstool was dated with a collapsed seat and due to many times recovering, it was time for yet another refresher and a little modernising was in order.  I’ll share where it has gone to live a little later on. I will show a few photos and a little explanation but the video shows it all, so hit play if you want to see it all in action.  So let’s get into this DIY of Recovering a little footstool!

As you can see, it has seen better days.  Fabric is worn and faded, seat non exiting and the fringing….hmm not fashionable anymore. 😉

Strip your old fabric, and wear a mask if the stool is very old.  Foam disintegrates over time and as the case was with this little footstool, it was a dust war when I opened the old fabric. The springs started to sag due to the webbing underneath that was stretched, so the best solution was to replace webbing, giving the springs a new firm base to sit on.  

Add new foam – a 60mm high density is sufficient for recovering a little stool like this one. 

Wrap your stool with wadding, then the fabric, following the same principles in stretching and tightening the fabric I showed you in this tutorial. You now can edge or trim the corners with a piece of fabric to hide the staples on the corners.  

Cover the bottom with a piece of cotton or spun-bond fabric and this could be where you are happy to stop.  I wanted to add a little something extra though as I felt it could do with a tad more detail.  Strip studs ere the best and quickest option for this little stool and suited the style of the footstool perfectly.

Voila, all done and new.  Ready to take on some feet in front of the telly for many more years.

So there, I hope this tutorial was helpful to do your own footstools in the future.   


Happy DIY-ing friends!


Article by Teresa

Australian Interior Designer / Decorator & Photographer. I share my style, my creativity and love for all things decor.

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