Re-decorating a guest room on a budget

Re-decorating a guest room on a budget!

Dear Diary,

Guest rooms are usually the last on the decorating list.  There are living rooms, dining rooms, master suites and bathrooms to think about, outdoor entertainment areas even, but a guest room falls off the radar sometimes.  It does not have to be an expensive endeavour however.  You can create the most relaxing, inviting and comfortable guest room without breaking the bank.  Lets have a look at how I went about re-decorating a guest room on a budget.

The room has good Southern light, looks out onto a lovely rose garden in a quiet corner of the cottage and has good space to make any guests feel comfortable.  As you can see from the before photo, the room has a lot going for it… just needed a little update.


The homeowner had a good size bed, beautiful white linen (which was re-used), and a headboard that I covered.  A little antique nursing chair was rescued from the road verge one afternoon on my way to the barbershop and after I ripped off the old ugly green velvet from many moons ago, slapped some grey paint on and recovered it with a tapestry fabric from our local fabric store, the little chair looked like she could be in a movie set somewhere!

I normally buy just small sample pots of paint for little projects like these, as they really take so little paint.  The chair was sanded down by the owner, and like I mentioned before, if you are using the all famous chalk paint then no prior sanding is needed.

A small amount of acrylic craft paint mixed with scumble medium (to make it workable for longer and give some transparency) is then applied with a brush, kept on the piece for a few minutes and rubbed off.  The remaining brown (I normally use the raw amber colour) recedes into the crevices and patterns of the chair, giving a wonderful patina and weathered look to the chair.  A lot of the time I sand some of the paint back to expose the wood for a more weathered and antique look such as this but only very slightly this time.

The recovering was a simple two-hour project and instead of old-fashioned trim, I opted for a plain matching piping that was glued on to hide the staples.

Simple glass and silver lamps with white shades are always a winner and create a calming and hotel-like atmosphere, not to mention lovely reading ambience for your guests before bedtime!

Beautiful crisp white linen is a must in my book.  It is ALWAYS trendy, classy and classic.  It definitely does not have to be the best Egyptian cotton ever, as your accessories and other elements in the room will add texture, colour and mood.  Budget friendly Target ones will do the job just fine!

Small and dainty bedside cabinets were the go-to choice because of limited space and were sourced locally from Maison on Promenade and very inexpensive for the quality and style. Now add a few knickknacks and flowers or photo frames, some interesting vases or ornamental objects that you can find in any thrift store, and your guest room will look like it belongs in the pages of a magazine!

Soft linen drapes from Ezibuy makes the room feel light and airy, yet very sophisticated. (We waited for a sale and got them for a steal, helping the budget along quite nicely ;-))

These tips can be useful in any room really, as I can very well picture this as a master bedroom or teen girl room.  How cute is that mouse and her baby sitting on her lap?  It adds a little fun in this French Provincial style guest room don’t you think? 😉

Opposite the bed on a little French chest of drawers sits a gorgeous little dollhouse.  (Hat shop on first floor and flower shop on ground floor)  I have told you in this post how the owner loves building miniature dollhouses and this time its a little corner shop.

But wait, I will spoil you with photos of the inside this time!!  Oh the hours it must have taken to complete it…..but that’s what hobbies are!!  Come inside and see for yourself.  How adorable is this hat shop?!  Did I mention that the chandeliers are really working?…….well they are!!

The flower shop is obviously full of flowers, with the florist behind his arranging counter and cash register.

Even though the chest of drawers could be used by guests for a dressing table and styled with perfumes, lamps and table mirror, the owner opted to use this space to display her beautiful dollhouse for all to enjoy and if guests are staying for long periods of time, the dollhouse is easily re-located to another spot for a while.

Well, there you have it.  Another easy-to-do-yourself project of re-decorating a guest room on a budget completed, and I hope this has helped with some ideas to kickstart your re-decorating project.

I hope you have a wonderful week, till we talk decor or DIY again next week!



Article by Teresa

Australian Interior Designer / Decorator & Photographer. I share my style, my creativity and love for all things decor.

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