Media Room – how to create your own that the kids will love!

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Today I have such a fun project to share with all you DIY’ers out there!  A Media room – how tow create your own that the kids will love!  This is one of those projects that is really not that time-consuming, expensive or to difficult for the average DIYer to achieve. Media rooms and home theaters are an increasingly popular feature in homes. Two major benefits are that they boost a home’s entertainment value as well as its potential resale value not to mention the usability of odd sized rooms. 

The most important features of a media room are light and sound.  The popular locations for small media rooms are basements,  or in spare guest bedrooms—places that are self-contained, quiet, and won’t interfere with the home’s day-to-day operation when in use. The key is to place your media room in the space where you’ll have as much control as possible over these key elements and my clients had exactly such a room;  Away from the noisy part of the house, no windows, and it was an unused space.


This room was just perfect for a media room.  The built-in cupboard used to be the storage space behind the bar  that the previous owners had in the room.  What a great starting point!  Already in place a small bar fridge to keep cold drinks and off course the counter top would make the best snack bar in town!

My Vision board after viewing the room

To help marry all the colours of the space, I wanted a colourful rug that had a fun and young feel for this media room.  My plan also included some fantastic wall paper to create a focal point and ground the tv but also give a sense of space and height with the broken pattern.  Other elements planned:  A stunning statement chair, art, snack bar items and a few decorative pieces to make the media room feel like a real cinema at home. ( I did a little Photoshop mock-up of how the room would look before purchasing anything, especially the wall papered wall)

A few hours of wall papering, mounting pictures and styling, resulted in this fun zone that totally exceeded the clients expectations…..which is always a good thing you know 😉  I think my mock-up came pretty darn close to the real deal, don’t you think?  The Tv doesn’t feel so alone and high up any more.  I gave the client some home work too…..instead of getting a new tv cabinet, I had him re-surface the old one with an espresso coloured varnish with a gloss, to give a high-end feel plus making the tv feel part of the unit.  He excelled at his homework! 🙂 and he saved some dollars just there!

When you enter the room, this beautiful replica swan chair great you with a little side-kick replica Marcel Wanders stool that also serves as a side table.

The Snack Bar

Filled with snacks, sweet treats and a popcorn maker, this station is ready to serve any teen with constant munchies! -)  For art on this wall I sourced some posters and placed them in Ikea frames.  The LED light is a great addition to show where to find drinks not to mention adding lots of ambience!

A little DIY project for this Media Room

Do you have a little mdf or ply wood lying around in the shed?  Here’s a quick 2 hour project that will take your media room to the next level!  

Cut a few different sized round disks with a jigsaw, and with different hole saw attachments, drill holes in the round disks to resemble movie reels.  (I found some inspiration on google images for reference).  Paint them black and then a brown varnish for a little weathered look, and screw the whole lot together.  A dowel in a square block of wood is an easy solution to make the reels stand but you can also mount them on the wall of your media room.

And ta-da…. our very own movie reel ornament.  You can also source here , here and here for other movie styled goods or especially in the party decorations sections of your local store!  Finish your snack-bar with popcorn boxes and colour coordinated serviette …. the only thing left is to dim the lights and start the movie!! ( A LED sign similar to this can be found here)

Since this is a Media Room, it also serves the purpose for playing X-box and  Sony Playstation ect.  To add to the game room feel, a simple LED, 3D light plus a game controller wall decal is the perfect answer.

Wall decals are so easy to install and makes such a big difference, not to mention renter-friendly!  See the video on how I did it!

Well folks, that’s how you create a small media room on a budget.  The most important thing in this little makeover is that the kids adore the space and wants to be in it constantly!  That’s what you call success!

I hope I gave you some ideas to create your own media room!  Share your rooms and ideas with me please!


till next time


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Australian Interior Designer / Decorator & Photographer. I share my style, my creativity and love for all things decor.

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