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I made that and did it myself

Dear Diary

The greatest thing about decorating your own home is that it allows you to say, “I made that” or ” I did it myself”.  In an age when so much daily activity is conducted via a computer keyboard without regard to physical distances or borders, there is something inherently precious about this.  From the moment you hit on an idea, through the stages of planning out your changes, gathering tools and materials, preparing the ground, doing the job and finally standing back to admire your handiwork, decorating requires you to make the decisions, be they budgetary, aesthetically to just plain practical.  The essence of this appeal is that it allows you to take control.

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So lets talk Paint…

Paint has often been called the decorator’s best friend.  Quite justifiably so, for not only is it  the most versatile and the least expensive treatment available, it can also be used to create an enormous range of effects on furniture and walls.  Even a novice can produce some dazzling effects and furniture renovations in a relatively short period of time.

It’s an enormously liberating material to work with, because even if your experiments go disastrously wrong, it is a relatively inexpensive and quick exercise to paint over them.

Whether you are inclined towards a bold modern look, or a delicate, subdued scheme, you can create any effect with paint and it works in any decor scheme, whether you want a faded, worn shabby chic look or a chippy chair in a modern crisp study, the options are really endless.

Dated and faded furniture can be given a facelift with a simple dry brushing paint effect, to reveal a new, refreshed look.

With the advent and perfection of chalk paint and milk paints like Annie Sloan or Miss Mustard seed paints (Oh do visit Marian’s blog for lots of eye candy of her paint range and tutorials please!) one really have no excuse, as these paints require minimal or NO prepping!!

So, with some inspiration, a few paint brushes, paint and a spare afternoon, what will your next paint project be or will you rescue that dresser from Grannie’s attic and give it a new lease on life?  Check out the CREATE gallery for some inspiration and to motivate you to grab a brush so that you can soon say “I did that myself!

Till next time, and Happy painting 😉 ….


Article by Teresa

Australian Interior Designer / Decorator & Photographer. I share my style, my creativity and love for all things decor.

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  2. Myriam Stajkowski says:

    I really enjoyed this diary entry. You have provided some very easy ideas that are do-able for those of us with minimal to no decorating experience and don’t need expensive tools or too many tools to keep it affordable. Great for those of us that don’t have lot’s of money to spend!

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