Guest bedroom, boutique style decorating tips

Guest bedroom – create a boutique-style room

Dear Diary,

Today I will show you how to create a boutique-style hotel feel in your guest bedroom and giving your guests a five-star treatment when they visit.  In a few easy steps, you can transform a simple guest room into a cosy sanctuary with a hotel-like feel, where visiting family and friends can rest and rejuvenate during their stay.

These simple decorating tips will help you create a calm and stylish space your guests will love … and won’t ever want to leave.  I had the pleasure of helping a client create such a space recently, so with this example you will get lots of inspiration to kick-start your guest bedroom make over!

The Guest bedroom before

The bedroom was your average size, functional guest bedroom, but lacking a little zen….  Walls were a brownish dark colour, not helping the space feel big with such low ceilings. Dated wall sconces adorned the walls, not to mention those up lighting shades being lovely bug catchers ;-).

Tip 1 – Paint a light and airy colour

First things first.  PAINT!!  yes, cheap and easy update people.  This room had to be crisp white to maximise the feeling of space and giving it a calm and serene feeling.  The original carpet colour was not to bad but unfortunately had some marks so we decided in the long run it would be better replacing it now whilst updating the space.  I chose a 100% New Zealand wool with a speck-like feature, helping disguise little mishaps if they should happen….. 

Tip 2 – Sensible carpet and reflective mirrors to create sense of space and light

The carpet is a coffee colour, to tone in with existing curtains and bedroom set, but light enough to feel luxurious and spacious. The room doesn’t get an awful amount of sun because of the big overhang from the balcony but the light does get reflected back into the room via the floor to ceiling mirrored wardrobes as can be seen in the picture above.  Doesn’t the room already feel so much bigger and calmer with the new white walls?

Tip 3 – keep furniture and decorative items to a minimum.

 I was going to re-use the main furniture and furnishings namely, bed set, butler’s table, chair, prints and curtains. On installation day below…. The furniture placed back and waiting to be styled.

Tip 4 – choose soothing, relaxing accent colours

Chalky blues and greens are go-to tones for guest rooms, as they’re calming, soothing and serene. I chose this year’s Pantone colour Greenery and gold metallics for this guest bedroom and it already works with her existing floral prints, framed in delicate gold frames.  

WOW ALL FINISHED!! – How I did it

Tip 5 – luxurious bed cushions

A White cotton or linen duvet set is a winner every time in any guest bedroom. Add lovely mixture of pillows in different textures for a high-end, luxury feel. An artful arrangement will make the bed look more plush and appealing, too. 🙂 I helped the client choose velvets, knits, and metallic textures for these pillows in different shades of my colour scheme.

Tip 6 – layering

For that extra lux feeling, layer the bed with a beautiful throw blanket on the foot end.  Its fabulous to lay under, and it makes this room feel so glamorous.  The brown is repeated in the brown furniture tones and adds rhythm to brown, earthy tones in the space.

Tip 7 – Accents

I hunted for a piece of art that will match her existing floral prints and found this oil canvas (similar here) but it lacked a little zing.  I made a little frame to glam it up a bit and painted it gold (see the DIY post here) and now it pics up on the existing greens and golds that I am repeating throughout the room.

Talking about accents;  This is my and the client’s absolute favourite item in the room! I sourced them from Anthropology….. the Piéce de Résistance……  (This was the only splurge for this room as we re-used so much)….. but boy oh boy, it was worth all the dramas getting it here from USA. Replacing the old silver and dated sconces with these beautiful birdie wall scones was genius….(ahem, yes, genius….that be me haha) and by providing bedside lamps, overnight visitors can read or play with their phone without straining their eyes once the ceiling lights are turned off. 


Tip 7 – create a dressing/ sitting space

Since this room has plenty of storage, a dresser was not needed.  The chair and butler’s table got re-used and is so functional for guests sitting to put shoes on or have a place to put a bag.  I replaced the other wall scone with a floor lamp to give balance, height and warmth to this corner.  

Tip 8 – “Luxury” decor items.

This tip surely does not have to be expensive, but the attention to detail is what counts.  See that vase….Ikea…. and notice only 2 stems of flowers… need for hundreds of dollars spent on accessories. A flickering candle will infuse your guest room with a warm, welcoming vibe. If you want something that’s fragrant, choose a scent that’s soothing and not overpowering, such as vanilla, lavender or sandalwood. 

Tip 9 – Hooks for robes and handbags

To make your guests really feel like they are at a spa, why not have special robes waiting for them in their room?

 Display them on beautiful hooks, and yes the devil is in the detail people. (the hooks are from Anthropology but you can also use these)

Go the extra mile….

A little tray with glasses for the sparkling water waiting on the bedside tables, and some yummy chocolates will up the lux-scale tenfold!  This little gold one makes a statement of style and will have your guests feel loved and über special.

Quirky and dainty script will add that special welcome touch plus gives this 3D wall art real presence on a white wall.  Little details are what makes a space great.

These guests will surely have a wonderful rest in this stunning guest bedroom, and wake refreshed, relaxed and feel pampered, ready to have their morning coffee on the private courtyard outside those doors.

What a lovely guest bedroom, waiting to make the next person staying over feel like they are in a little boutique hotel!

I hope this post inspired you and that the tips will help you create a dream worthy guest bedroom!

Till next time,


Article by Teresa

Australian Interior Designer / Decorator & Photographer. I share my style, my creativity and love for all things decor.

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