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How to add glamour to a room with upholstered headboards

Dear Diary,

Do you want to add instant glamour and sophistication to a bedroom without spending a fortune but still wanting a hotel-like look?  I have the answer for that……a fabric covered/upholstered headboard.  For the 20 years I have been decorating and the 12 years in my shop, this was my go-to solution for many tight budget projects. It’s easy to do, quick to add colour and ALWAYS a win on the glamour scale.  – Be warned, this is a heavy eye candy post with tonnes of inspiration from my files collected over the years, so grab a cuppa and come find your inspiration!

I’ll kick of the post with an actual hotel room, where the headboard takes the centre stage. A feature wall and heavy drapes compliments the headboard with a classic design trimmed with decorative nails.

Lets look at a few plain headboards first.

Simple, boxed and edged with piping. Plain chenille fabric adds texture but the height gives the real presence to the little single beds.


A plain headboard covered in hessian/burlap adds a little quirkynesso this room.

Again, very plain but boxed and the height makes it impressive and gives a tailored look to this room.  This style works with many types of decor styles.

The next boxed one is extended to the end of the bedside tables to accommodate the wall scones (saving much-needed real estate on the bedside tables) and simply trimmed with upholstery nails.  Fabric choice is so important in any scheme and this one will lend to the modern, classic and colonial styles very well.


Don’t be scared to go to the extreme and double the height. This makes a big statement if your room size will allow.


Moving to styles with simple shapes and trimmings….


There are endless shapes for fabric upholstered headboards, and just as many ways to trim or finish them off.  Plain linen with a piping providing a border around the headboard is a design that has been around for a long time, a real classic and timeless design.



The border-type works beautifully on single beds with upholstery nails…


and varying the border width to create a little more modern feel…

Adding a foot-end with the repeating shape and style is so beautiful.  Here you can see how fabulously pattern can be used without being overwhelming.

Slightly curved is great and if you don’t have the height then this is the way to go.

Be bold and use strong colours for lots of impact or….


….keep the colour neutral and you have lots of opportunities to make seasonal changes with cushions and throws.  On this headboard a double nail border was used for great effect and interest.


Why not make two shaped ones and corner them for a fantastic daybed?


Lets look at more modern and not-so-classic designs. This one still has the nail trim albeit a bigger nail, spaced and the headboard split into three sections for added interest. A total statement piece.

You want modern, out-of-the-box thinking?  Well, do one in squares or rectangles and its great for a more masculine feel.


Make the whole wall a headboard! Yes a bigger job, more tedious planning needed but definitely has the wow factor and worth the effort!


Cover the wall or alcove in a vertical spaced headboard.  The hanging pendants are the stars with the complimentary 3D interest at the back of them and you gain that extra space on the bedside tables.

Vertical rectangles with nail trim is unusual and eye-catching and here the suede fabric adds extra texture to the headboard.


Or just let the nail trim be the star with a little pattern in the corners…

Maybe long horizontal sections?

You like buttoned ones but not to confident on making the traditional tufting?  Who said a simple button effect is not just as effective and stunning?


Even slight buttoning in modern rooms for teenagers will give it some flair with the right fabric choice!



But if you are confident with the all-famous tufting, then boy oh boy, you can go all out and let that headboard be a superstar!


Add wings to the button-tufted headboard and you have the creme-de-la-creme of headboards!


Add trim down the front of the wings and it really takes the bed to another level!


Love the wings but not the buttons so much?  Like I said, there’s a solution and style for everyone.  Plainer winged headboards works with feminine fabrics and schemes …..

or geometric and modern….


Moody and masculine….


Quiet and reserved yet sophisticated?


….. or patterned and bold?…. yep it works with them all.


So, diary readers…. how do you like your headboards? Plain, patterned, shaped, boxed or quirky?  Next time I will share a tutorial to make your very boxed headboard for a country styled bedroom.

I hope you were inspired with how to add glamour and sophistication to a room with an upholstered headboard and that you now have a mood board to start planning your master suite, guest bedroom or kiddies rooms with fabulously glamorous headboards!  Wishing you a fabulous week!




Article by Teresa

Australian Interior Designer / Decorator & Photographer. I share my style, my creativity and love for all things decor.

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    I am so inspired!! My bedroom needs a redo in the new house!!

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