Entry Porch remodel that will leave a lasting impression

Dear Diary,

Your entry is the one place everyone gets to see when visiting you and sometimes get neglected or is just plain and bland.  I have been busy remodelling such an entry.  A beautiful home with a lot of presence but the entry porch was lacking some style.  


Entry porch remodel before

The features that bugged me most was the silver, somewhat bland lights that doesn’t suit the style of the house, and mostly the lack of pzazz.  The front door is not centred, and even though it should not be a problem if balanced correctly, here it just felt lost.  

The red “box” you see protruding from the door, is actually a coat cupboard inside the foyer, and the previous owners obviously also didn’t know what to do with it and felt some red paint could transform it into a feature.  Good thinking, but I can do better.

Entry porch remodel before

I saw the need for some form of storage as the home owners have their wood collecting trolley on the porch during winter.  One needs wood for the fire daily you know 😉  I decided it would be great if I could incorporate a clever storage solution in the design.

As always, I create a mood board for my clients that give some idea of where I am going with a design, and a platform for us to work from.  I sometimes need to sketch the design if need be….just wish my artistic skill was a little better though 😉

Entry Porch Remodel design

Entry porch remodel design

Mood Board

Creating interest using different textures is a must.  I chose to have stacked stone, black wrought iron lights, reclaimed wood and handmade tiles for a custom art piece, finished with smooth strong blacks in the pottery and door colour.

Entry Porch remodel moodpboard

The build…

The “flower box” is designed to step down from the “base” or highest point of the coat cupboard.  I decided the cupboard will work great as a starting point.  A basic wood frame was built to give it shape and form.

Entry Porch remodel -flowerbox

The frame then is covered with a weather proof cladding board onto which stacked stone tiles will be glued. I had a few options in tiles, but decided the narrow, real stone one looks the best with the current mottled steps and picks up the grey of the exterior so beautifully.

 Entry Porch Remodel

Testing planters….

It took a few trips to the local pottery stores to find the correct scaled planter for this flower box. It had to be low enough to let some of the back stones be seen, but deep enough to plant something substantial in it.  

Entry Porch remodel - choosing planters 

The planter pots will be propped up with left over terracotta pots and for the surrounding cascading plants, I will use ordinary plastic pots tucked neatly in around the main planter. So no need for massive brick works or the likes.  Keeping things simple is sometimes better.

Entry Porch storage….

Yes I mentioned storage.  What an excellent opportunity to make this flower box work extra hard.  I had my carpenter build a secret door wide enough to push the wood trolley through; no more excuses to have unsightly items on the entry porch!

Entry Porch remodel

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen the sneak peek of the custom wall art I was making.  The reclaimed wood was sourced from a local craftsman and it has been salvaged from a sheep shearing shed, build in the late 1800’s….. Man, I love a bit of history in a project sometimes.  A local ceramic artist hand-made the tiles to my design and colours but I gave her free range on the textures and final images she wanted to incorporate.  I was absolutely thrilled and this will forever be a one-off piece of art.

The Reveal of the Entry Porch Remodel!

A quick reminder first..  the Before

Entry porch remodel before

And After…..Striking don’t you think?

We now have crisp clean lines, strong colours to balance the earthy tones and textures.  

Entry Porch remodel after

The Flower box was a huge triumph and the storage cupboard is a great bonus. The lanterns are more  balanced with the size of the Entry Porch and gives a wonderful, inviting yellow glow at night.

The custom wall art looks amazing, tells stories and makes your heart sing when coming up the stairs.

Beautiful succulents adorn the shallow planters, and the cascading plants softens the rough textures of the stone.

Entry Porch remodel

Well,  my clients and I think we have made a huge improvement to this Entry Porch and I hope I gave you food for thought to look at your entry a bit differently.  How can you make a statement on your porch?  We sometimes just need to think a little out of the “box”……pun intended 😉

Entry Porch remodel

Have a fabulous time remodelling your Entry porch friends….. Or, get in touch with me…. I would love to help you anytime!






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Australian Interior Designer / Decorator & Photographer. I share my style, my creativity and love for all things decor.

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