DIY Rustic shelf for your laundry, mudroom or bedroom

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We all have storage shortages at some point and today I show you how to easy DIY a Rustic shelf for your laundry, mudroom or bedroom.  This little shelf is particularly handy for hanging coats, hats, scarfs, plus an extra rail for hangers.  The options and uses are endless.  So let’s get making this little Rustic shelf pronto!

You will need 2 pieces of wood of exact same size.  This will form the shelf.  I used 240mm x 19mm pine. You will also need hooks/knobs, a piece of curtain rod & end-caps, cup hooks, screws, a drill, stain, and pipe cutter.

I have asked my local hardware store to cut the wood to my desired size, and it ensures that it is perfectly square.  Plus, it saves me doing it (I hate sawing btw….dust in my curls is not fun!! 😉  )  Two of the hooks will serve as “brackets” even though they are not needed structurally, it looks nice and adds functionality to the shelf.  Mark your bracket screw holes and mark where the two planks meet. 

Mark where you will be placing the front hooks and drill holes to the size needed.  I have opted to use pewter drawer knobs to suit my style.

Make sure the drawer knob screws fit and cut them to size.

Mark and drill a hole on the back of the side hook brackets.  Here is where you will attach it to the wall, but nicely hidden behind a hook.

My shelf will have a rod also, adding extra hanging place to hang clothes on hangers. I will use a curtain rod and cup hooks to attach it to the top shelf.  Finish the rod off with small finials or end-caps.

I use a pipe cutter to cut curtain rods.  It makes it so easy !!

Measure where the cup hooks will go.  I placed the hooks on their mark, to make sure all will fit neatly.  The rod will have to fit through the cup hooks obviously 😉

Now spray paint the cup hooks the same as the rest of the hardware.

Drill pilot holes on the one side of one of the planks to prevent the planks being pushed apart when screwing them together.  Add wood glue….

and screw the planks together, on the top-side of the shelf.

Before assembly of the shelf, you need to stain or paint it!  I chose Feast & Watson brown Japan stain.

Application with a rag and gloves makes this so easy and quick.  You can apply as many coats until you are satisfied with the colour.

I added a lime wash (left overs from my coffee table makeover)…….

…….and it gave it a deep moody colour with a hint of grey.

Time to assemble and style your gorgeous new DIY Rustic shelf!

Stylish, functional and above all……RUSTIC!  A wonderful addition to any laundry, bedroom or mudroom.

So my friends, get building on your own DIY Rustic shelf and share your projects with me!

Till next time



Article by Teresa

Australian Interior Designer / Decorator & Photographer. I share my style, my creativity and love for all things decor.

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