DIY Parisian Bedroom make over

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Sometimes a quick video is good; you want to see something but don’t have a lot of time… and get to the point.  Sometimes it’s not.  Sometimes you need to digest the content for a little while.  If you are like me with some videos, then this post is for you!  Take your time and have a wander through this DIY Parisian bedroom make over and be inspired to paint, wallpaper and hunt on Gumtree if the above video went way to fast! 

My clients bedroom was just so blah….  They never really got to that part of the house with decorating.  I know some of you have the same problem.  There is always something else more important that requires money, time and effort.  So I thought it time to come to the rescue of this master bedroom.

The current taupe coloured wall paint and carpet was a great starting point.  The bedroom has beautiful light and is spacious…….BUT NOT FOR GYM EQUIPMENT!!  I decided that the soft lines of the bedroom suite is gorgeous but it definitely needed an update.  With a tiny budget I got to work.  Firstly – removing all the gym equipment to a designated space in the house for excercise only…

Opposite the bed was a TV on the wall, an open walk in robe, and a bookshelf.  NO, NO,NO people!  I moved the bookshelf to a TV room where one can actually sit and read books, and removed the TV from that wall bracket.  Honestly, I nearly burned that bracket. hahaha

 So now the room was stripped bare, I got to work on the bedroom set.  

The undercoat is very important – so don’t skip this step!  It not only bonds the topcoat with the wood, but also covered small dents and imperfections. 

How much different does paint make?  Are you a believer yet?  I kept the same hardware but gilded it with silver paste to highlight the details of the suite.  This saved the client thousands by not buying a new bedroom suite.

The old hardware looks fresh and suits the sultry colour of the furniture perfectly.

With that same paste/ silver polish, I have highlighted the detail on the suite that otherwise would have been lost on such a dark colour.

The beautiful embossed damask wallpaper I found on Gumtree for a sixth of the price it would have cost when ordered from the local store.  Sometimes people order more than what they need and have a few rolls left, and that could be just the right amount for what you  need… keep a look out on your online sale websites.

Drama…..a Parisian bedroom needs drama!  Comprendre??

That tv!! (insert rolled eyes)…….I needed to come up with a better and very inexpensive plan to hide that monstrosity!  My solution….. a simple lightweight room dividing screen, mounted on a boxed frame.  The middle hinges removed and now we have hinged doors to fold out-of-the-way and when closed it serves as beautiful art.  For $70, this was great value!!

For a little sparkle and high-end feel of this Parisian bedroom, I hunted for some mirrored pieces.  A gorgeous ornate mirror and dressing table gave this empty wall flair and reflects a lot of light back into the room not to mention how great a dressing table is in a master suite!

Layering the dressing table with more sparkly stuff just adds to the luxurious feel plus an added bonus of stunning reflections everywhere..

I love seating in a bedroom, either for putting your boots on, or just a quiet corner to read.  This deep velvet wingback chair with a silver round table fills an empty corner and give a little balance to the boxed artwork.  If you are really the DIY queen, with a little upholstery background the you can recover your own wingback chair if you find a good second-hand one.  Follow my step by step tutorial here

Now looking at that tv wall is so much more satisfying.  The walk in robe got treated with a simple curtain in the same colour as the wall to not draw attention to it, but serves a function only.

A simple soft grey quilt cover layered with black and grey pillows for comfort, and some gorgeous fringed plum cushions provide texture and femininity to the harsh blacks and greys. 

but wait….. a reminder……Before our DIY Parisian bedroom make over…

and now…… WHAT????  stunning DIY Parisian bedroom!

other side of the bed….Before

After…..Yes…..NO GYM!!! a proper master suite with lots of style and glamour!

My friends, it goes to show with a little effort, some leg work on finding bargains on sales and a DIY attitude, lots can be done with so little.  I hope with these ideas in mind I could inspire you to rethink your old pieces and go find a paintbrush in your shed!

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Article by Teresa

Australian Interior Designer / Decorator & Photographer. I share my style, my creativity and love for all things decor.

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