Decorating challenges, how to hide ugly features

Decorating challenges – how to hide ugly features

Dear Diary,

We all have some form of decorating challenges at some point and it can sometimes really put a damper on our creative flow.  Today I want to share what solutions I have come up with for a recent bedroom makeover that had a few ugly features.

The room before….

As you can see, or shall I say, ALL you first see is the ugly air conditioner…. and that odd window…. The walls a muted grey, no ceiling light and weird placed wall lights.  Other than that, a great size, great light, beautiful hardwood floors and a stunning view from the balcony.

The photo below, is of the previous owners, to give you an idea of what the room looked like with the bed on the opposite wall…. (I never photographed that part of the makeover 😉 )

My client loves aqua, teal and navy, and I have used it in the rest of the house.  In her bedroom it would be no difference. Colour flow is important to overall harmony in a house. She used softer aqua but it lacked a little oomph, and teamed with the grey walls; had no real wow factor.  The wardrobes as you can see were really dated, with painted wallpaper panels on the doors.

Step by step solutions to the decorating challenges

First thing on the list was to have the odd window dry-walled….   There was more than enough light for this room, so they didn’t mind when I suggested we boxed the extra odd window up, but did it in a way that it could be reverted back if they ever sell and the next owners have other ideas….

Next on the list…..PAINT! I chose crisp white to match up with the rest of the house, and with this beach view home, white would be the perfect palette to build my scheme.  The brief from the clients; cosy, luxury, tranquil and high-end.  Also note that I had a pendant installed to solve the inadequate light problem.  A large pendant over a bed is a stunning feature, and since no walking happens there, you can really find something spectacular.  I found something that matches her existing bedside lamps.

Now that everything is painted white, including the window sill (to make it disappear), it was time to present my solution for this decorating challenge….. A false wall with leaf pattern insert to hide the air conditioner and window sill.  This will also be my focal point for the room.

The “wall” is a simple wooden (MDF) box with a cut out “window” where an ordinary garden screen will be sunk in. The outside edges neatly trimmed with aluminium corner strips to give a very straight edge, and a small wooden moulding will hide the screws from the front, plus make the air-conditioner serviceable in future.

The screen (1800 x 900mm) was a perfect fit to cover up all the ugly features on this wall and super easy to paint!  A really easy and budget friendly solution for the DIY’ers out there!

You can choose to let it stand out as a bold feature like below…….

or, paint it the same to be a little more subtle.  The “box wall” simply hangs on wall brackets like any shelf or big artwork would, making this a great solution for renters with decorating challenges.

Next on my list and another decorating challenge….. That wardrobe!  It would cost to much to replace the doors, so I opted to add 3mm mirrors on the doors and changed out the old dated hardware. What a big difference the mirrors made to the whole room, reflecting the light back and giving a sense of space.  This bedroom feels double the size now!


To balance the remaining side window next to the false feature wall, I added a big floral print in her beloved teal and aqua colour and for that luxury feel, I used golds as an accent colour as I have done in her lounge and foyer. The florals (print, and mirror) accentuates the leaf pattern on the feature wall.

On the window flanking the feature wall, a simple roman blind made with white cotton, embroidered with aqua, navy and minty green velvet, added functionality with lots of style for this west-facing window.  I also added a sheer roller blind behind to diffuse the harsh light when the roman is pulled up.

A lot was going on in this room so no ornate drapes needed, plus its a beach home, I wanted an airy and light yet sophisticated feel to the room.  Beautiful linen sheers did exactly that.  For that extra luxurious feel, I sourced a navy, teal and gold Safavieh rug and now it gives a cosy, soft feel under foot when you get out of bed.

When I moved the bed to the opposite wall for better “traffic and energy flow”, the long wall was to empty and long.  We commissioned a local artist once more for a seascape in the room’s decor colours. I added a console table with a high gloss surface to balance the black leather chair.  (note the round chrome base mimicking the bedside lamps and ceiling pendant pattern).  A reading floor lamp replaced the odd wall scone; so much better don’t you think?

I love white bedding, but always add a little colour accents in the cushions and throw for rhythm to the overall scheme.

The console table serves as a great space to place a few photos and trinket jars for jewellery, as well as scented diffuser.. we got to look after our senses you know! A beautiful space that has a soft and subtle aroma is always a winner.

So let’s recap on how these decorating challenges turned out…… 



Well that’s it for this week’s diary input friends.  I hope I gave you some great ideas for your decorating challenges.  Any questions please shoot me an email, I’ll be happy to help!

Oh, and I nearly forgot, here is the video of the room if you wanted to check it out, and subscribe if you don’t want to miss on future videos!

Till next time


Article by Teresa

Australian Interior Designer / Decorator & Photographer. I share my style, my creativity and love for all things decor.

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