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Decor Trends for 2017 – Welcome to a new year

Dear diary,

We are yet again at the start of a brand spanking new year and although the years seem to fly by faster and faster, I had a great 2016 and want to thank you for the companionship and your support! I look forward to new challenges, roadside rescues, tutorials and all things decor. I hope you will join me in the adventures!

Before I get into tutorials this year, I think it’s a good idea to see whats trending in the decor world looking into 2017. Decor trends take us on an emotional journey every year and for 2017 trend spotters say we’re looking for ease and comfort even with luxury in mind. As Ct post sums it up “ less stiff suit, more velvet smoking jacket.”

We had a lot of golds the past year and its set to stay for a while. Gold tones were seen everywhere in the EuroCucina in Milan and tap-ware was a big gold hit. A lot of tap manufacturers have options in gold, rose gold in polished or matt finishes to make that kitchen stand out from the crowd….. not to mention door hardware in kitchens.

Industrial elements are still going strong in kitchens and through out the home alike and is likely to stay….this trend I love, as this opens so much opportunities for recycling and saving beautiful rustic elements from the rubbish tip. It adds so much flair and character to any space.

Fabrics are set to be exiting as always and natural textural fabrics will continue to have a huge impact in setting the mood – linen, heavy cotton, canvas, hemp, wool and salt washed linens with worn edges. (I am in heaven already!)

For textural contrast, warm metallic will stay around with emphasis on burnished bronzes, gun metal and natural brass. Marble will continue to add sophistication – but stick to the real one if you can!

Inky blue-black was a huge hit on the fashion runway and will continue to manifest in homes this year. Whether you are looking to accent your room or update your kitchen cabinets, navy blue will be a huge contender and alternative to black in 2017 and it pairs well with practically any colour scheme, and lends mystery to a space without making it feel small.

Lets not forget the Pantone Colour of the year “Greenery” and it’s meant to represent refreshment and revitalisation – seemingly something we need according to Pantone. Donna Garlough of Joss and Main said she sees “ citrus trees, wall paper with lemon branches, and botanical sketches of orange trees”. Colours like kiwi and citron will be incorporated to many looks in homes this year.

There are many more things trendy, but not all of them I think will be classics and long term designs. When you look at doing something trending in your home, make sure its something you absolutely love, or can easily change if you get tired of the look, like cushions, lampshades, bedding and such. Making huge architectural changes like funky splash backs or kitchen cabinets, might drive you insane in a year or two and will then look silly and not so much trendy any more so choose your 2017 decor trend wisely!

Well, that’s my little take and report on news outlets and other designers thoughts. I hope it has given you something to think about as you plan your decorating endeavours for 2017. I hope this new year brings you lots of joy whilst doing those decorating and DIY-ing jobs! For my local readers, if you need help in your design plan, flick me an email and I’d be glad to help you draft a plan and or execute it too!

Till next time,


Article by Teresa

Australian Interior Designer / Decorator & Photographer. I share my style, my creativity and love for all things decor.

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