Study nook in a living area

Create a Study nook in your living area

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Last time I showed you how to revive a little French accent chair to be used in a study nook that I relocated for a client, and today, I will show you how to incorporate a tiny Study nook in your living area.  But first, lets just recover a lampshade I bought at a garage sale for $2 that will finish the look off beautifully.

First things first….strip that old fabric off, and if the underside is still good as it was with this one, leave it be.  (why create more work?)  Cut close as possible to the frame of the shade, so you can use the old fabric as a pattern.

I cut just above the frame, leaving a little red as I knew I would be covering it with trim anyway.  Trying to tear this bit off the frame would have taken hours, and damaged the internal lining not to mention giving your fingers unnecessary workout!

Now, place the pattern on the fabric BUT...and this is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART…. make sure the fabric is on its Bias.  The easiest way to get the true Bias, is to make sure the fabric is cut square, (and you could use a real square ruler here for accuracy if you wanted) and fold the fabric diagonally as seen below.  Place your pattern (now folded in half) onto the fold of the fabric. The bias of the fabric will allow the stretch you need for the curve of the lamp.

Make sure you add at least 1 inch extra at the top and bottom so you have something to pull on, but can trim off later.  The sides only need about half an inch or so.

Sew the two parts together on the sides, turn over and pull over the lamp frame from top to bottom, positioning it so that the seams are on the sides and curves are following the bottom rim. Using a hot glue gun, slowly start glueing the bottom onto the frame.  My best advice here would be to start on the seam sides, then middle front and back, making sure as you go that the fabric tensions evenly.  The same old principle I have been sharing with upholstering anything….work in cross-over motions. Finally the top can be pulled and glued on the inside. 

Trim the excess fabric off as close to the frame on the inside as possible.  Good, you are halfway there!!  Now comes the fun part…..putting your chosen trim on.  I used the leftover rope trim I used on the chair and some tassels and fringing I had in my stock pile.

The fabric I chose to compliment the living room decor and French study chair is from Richloom called Brahma Jacobean Jacquard in gold from

The inside I have finished with a gold fringing as the lamp was quite high and one could see the inside when sitting at the desk.  Normally just bias binding or simple braid will work fine as I have done for the top.  See below.

A fashion ring was re-purposed for a little bling on the front and two little tassels I had to give the lamp a little zing. 😉

There, beautifully finished and revived lampshade! Fitting stunningly on a lamp-base I found on Gumtree.  Decorating definitely does not have to be expensive!

Remember in this post how I relocated my client’s study out of a small under-used bedroom to be more functional?  Well, this is what happened to it.  I relocated a little sewing table I found elsewhere in the house,  to a corner of her living area, perfect for a study nook.  

My clients only do everyday bookkeeping and read emails, so a big space wasn’t needed, nor was a huge desktop computer.  They were due for an upgrade anyway, so this was the perfect time for a lovely laptop.  The printer is wireless and stowed away in a nearby hall cupboard along with their paperwork and files.  First lets see how it looked before lamp and chair make over.

Tell me you agree friends,…..this is so much better isn’t it?

The chair and little sewing table is perfect in scale and fits wonderfully in an unused corner of the living room.  Lovely natural light streams into the window, whist they can also enjoy the view of the small cottage garden.  The white laptop I suggested fades away and is not so obnoxious as a huge black desktop monitor. 😉  The little drawers are perfect for storing pens, stapler and other office supplies.

Well, there you have it.  It surely is possible to have a little Study nook in a living area if you think out the box a little.  Look around for petite desks and have fun designing a corner in your living area, bedroom or unused space somewhere.  Remember look out for all sorts of different pieces like hall tables, console table or half dressers, and even antique dressing tables with mirrors removed will make fantastic desks! Thrift stores, Gumtree/Craigslist and garage sales are the best places to start.

Have a productive, fun and creative week friends!

Till next time,


Article by Teresa

Australian Interior Designer / Decorator & Photographer. I share my style, my creativity and love for all things decor.

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