Country Cottage-style bedroom make over

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wow , its been a while since my last journal input….its been crazy busy with a lot of different projects all at once.  Hey, I am not complaining one bit, I love my job!  Ok, so last time I showed you how I made a box-shaped headboard and how to upholster it, and now to show you how that Country Cottage-style bedroom make over turned out!  It’s reveal time!

The home owner was tired of her dated bedroom look but she had sentimental value to her existing furniture pieces.  Naturally the “save-it-from-the-rubbish-tip” mantra in me was so glad to be able to re-use, and re-invent it for her.  She is a floral-fabric-lover and had a few key pieces I needed to be mindful of when selecting fabric for her.  Lets look at the room before we started.

Before make over

I had a good wall colour to work with, and majority of the furniture needed to stay. The green pillows and throw were new so that was staying also.  Lamps are great but wrong scale for the bed. Move some clutter like the white side table to her walk in robe, and attic for the rest of the unnecessary items.

Her existing colours were pale and bland in this room and could be so much more.  A little seating bench also lives here, but I felt it could be so much more and function better placed elsewhere.

As with my post on recovering a french chair, I did the same with this little settee.  The steps are the same so read the tutorial here.

    I made the new headboard to cover the existing one for 3 reasons.  1. – Infuse colour and use her beloved florals but also making sure there are the same greens in the fabric to pick up her cushions and throw that was staying. 2.- To scale the bed better for the room and lamps. 3.- Have something soft and comfortable to sit against as the current one failed in function.

New purchases for the room other than the fabrics for headboard, settee and valance pelmets, were a cover quilt, and linen curtains. (I customised the quilt with a lace trim)

Now, lets see how this all came together!

Make over reveal

The room feels bigger and so elegant!  How did I achieve that?  By using height.  The headboard is 3 times its original height, and also by lifting the pelmets to the ceiling.  All this gives the illusion of space.  Even though theres lots of colour, the room still feels relaxed, and classy.

Her throws and green pillows worked beautifully with the blues and I gave the bed skirt a little striped edge to pick up on the watermelon colours of the florals in the headboard.

You can easily use different patterns together as long as the hue and tone of the main colours work together. The pelmets were done in a printed denim, and a damask pattern for the little settee, both trimmed with a ticking piping.  (Fabrics are from )

(I swapped places with dresser and the bench in this corner for better function and obviously visual impact).

Big difference don’t you think?!  I hope you enjoyed the tour of this Country Cottage-style bedroom make over and that you are inspired to re-use your own things first before just throwing them out.  We need to reset our thinking hats, save some money and the planet at the same time!

Have a fabulous fun decorating week friends!

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