country style cottage makeover

Country Cottage lounge room make-over

Dear Diary,

I had such fun revamping a little country cottage and changing the feel and look of the space with no major expenses to the owners.    I have been sharing the process and doing tutorials on the individual pieces and today it’s time to show you how the lounge room turned out.  This country cottage lounge room make-over was lots of fun, and the best part was seeing the owner (that was a bit reserved in using colour) being bold with patterns, loved the outcome and totally embrace her new vibrant, happy and cosy space.


Country Cottage lounge room makeover

So lets look at the Before pic of this lounge room.  As you can see, the existing furniture has good bones, in great condition and because I am such an advocate for re-use and recycle, this was a fantastic opportunity to use what we had and just give it new life.

Country Cottage lounge room makeover

The room is filled with wonderful northern light, has lots of windows bringing the outside in and the pale natural wall and blind colours left me with freedom to go bold and colourful. This is and open-plan lounge/dining area and needed zoning.  The best way to achieve this is an area rug.   It’s a wonderful opportunity to include colour and reinforcing the style and feel of the room.  As you see below, the room lacked the zoned area feel and was very pale in overall colour and feel.

Country Cottage lounge room makeover before

The only items bought for the little renovation was a rug, a lamp and a hall table.  (All from Gumtree by the way 😉 .The rest was re-upholstering existing furniture, making a few window treatments and moving a few furniture pieces around for better functionality and style.

And here is the After photo, infused with colour, vibrancy, bold pattern and a fantastic cosy feel.  So pretty isn’t it?!Country Cottage lounge room makeover

I moved the nesting tables to the side of the sofa, and stole a hallway cabinet to give a focal point for the long room. (Hence the need of a new hallway table 🙂  ) This ads balance and scale to the furniture and the boldness of the cabinet gives rhythm to the boldness of the floral fabrics used.  It also balances the wood tones that was previously to overpowering in the dining area.

Country Cottage lounge room makeover

Making padded valances in a complimentary pattern without taking all the attention was essential to reinforce the feel of the room as well as adding visual height that made the room feel bigger than what it really is.

Country Cottage lounge room makeover

Shaping the padded valances gives rhythm to the feminine country cottage feel and keeps with the style of the Victorian and French era.  The blinds now doesn’t look so bland, and overly modern.

Country Cottage lounge room makeover

I recovered an old footstool we found in the attic and modernised it by adding a boxed skirt thus making it feel more substantial and “solid”.  The room had a lot of Queen Anne style feet on all the furniture, so this was a nice difference.

Country Cottage lounge room makeover

An ottoman like this not only is functional for putting your feet up but acts as a little coffee table and I used a gorgeous tray to put a cup of tea on plus a few of the clients favourite knickknacks.

Country Cottage lounge room makeover - ottoman

The dining chairs needed to be updated as well and I covered them with a beautiful tartan from called Robert Allen Promo Upholstery Northcourt- colour Copper.

Look at the chairs before……Country cottage lounge and dining makeover

Here is how you do this simple change….follow these simple steps and it’s  really only an hour’s work for such a huge difference!

How to cover Dining chairs for a lounge room makeover

Wow, what a difference the chairs make!  I did not want them to steal the focus, only create good rhythm to the already cosy room but complimenting the other tartan used, balancing the floral femininity with a bit of masculine stripes.

Country Cottage lounge room makeover

And now….A wonderful place to host fantastic high tea parties!

Country cottage makeover


I hope you enjoyed the tour of this Country cottage lounge room make-over, it surely was a lot of fun for me and the owner alike!  Next time we will talk about padded headboards!

Till next time,




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    All in a day’s work for you!!!
    Lovely!! Hope I am invited to the high tea!?

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