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How to add glamour to a room with upholstered headboards

Dear Diary, Do you want to add instant glamour and sophistication to a bedroom without spending a fortune but still wanting a hotel-like look?  I have the answer for that......a fabric covered/upholstered headboard.  For the 20 years I have been decorating and the 12 years in my shop, this was my go-to solution for many tight budget projects. It's easy to…read more
Re-decorating a guest room on a budget
Decorating Ideas, DIY

Re-decorating a guest room on a budget!

Dear Diary, Guest rooms are usually the last on the decorating list.  There are living rooms, dining rooms, master suites and bathrooms to think about, outdoor entertainment areas even, but a guest room falls off the radar sometimes.  It does not have to be an expensive endeavour however.  You can create the most relaxing, inviting and comfortable guest room without…read more
how to update a builders grade bathroom
Decorating Ideas, DIY, Tutorial

Budget friendly bathroom update

Dear Decor Diary readers, How do we even begin to make a builder's grade bathroom pretty, inviting and stylish with almost zero budget to work with?  Quite easy actually.  Builder's grade bathrooms as I call them, are just plain, extremely bland, very standard and no interest what so ever.  They are usually white, have plain frameless mirrors with plain tiles.…read more
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