Antique Chaise – giving new life to a good old piece

Dear Diary,

I am so sorry for the long gap between posts sometimes, but it’s quite a juggle getting actual work done and blogging about it.  The time to edit photos, then do a write-up is just not always there.  I wish my days were at least 4 hours longer!!  This gorgeous Antique Chaise was done a few weeks ago, but with my workload I haven’t had the time to show you! I have so much more in store, so hopefully I can catch up quickly. …Ok, so here is the Chaise that needed a new leaf turned. (WARNING – PHONE PICS ONLY 🙂 as I was on-site and did not have my proper camera on hand….sorry guys!)

Antique Chaise Before

Almost nothing wrong with it, but the deep gold was not as modern anymore as my client would like.  So we opted to update it with some black chenille and chrome studs.

As always, strip the thing bare and inspect the frame, webbing and foam.

If all of the above is in good condition, then a fresh layer of wadding is all it needs.

The seat and arm is pretty straight forward.  A flat piece of fabric wrapped around the bottom and arm is all it needed.  The back has deep tufted buttons.  Not really a beginner project as it takes some practise getting the fabric tension all the same everywhere and the buttons the same depth as well as the pleating the same, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes.  You will need a long needle to thread the cotton to the back, and lots of patience and time. 😉  

Well, hello gorgeous!!  So much better, more modern and very stylish!

Some lovely modern trim to pop against the black….I love using strip studs as it makes the job so much easier!!

Antique Chaise After….

This was a fun and quick makeover of a very sturdy, stately old Chaise.  Do you have that piece you thought was so old-fashioned that its only good to go to a thrift store?  Have another little look with fresh eyes, maybe it only needs a striking fabric or a little paint to freshen and modernise it.

That’s it for this week friends, I have gorgeous rooms to share the makeovers, so hang in there with me.

Till next time!


Article by Teresa

Australian Interior Designer / Decorator & Photographer. I share my style, my creativity and love for all things decor.

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